I just read Notch’s announcement about leaving Mojang. I respected a lot of what he had to say. The statements about being a programmer and not a CEO, the idea of wanting to create great games and not super hits, I can understand his point of view. I discovered Minecraft after a healthy push into take a look at it from Aks3n and fell in love with it instantly. Hours upon hours wer played in the first few days and I had the benefit of friends already having servers up to explore other people’s creations as well. It spoke to me, and reinforced the thought that creativity and enjoyment doesn’t have to look pretty.

Modern Campfires

If there is one thing that has made me feel like I’m actually growing up it is the loss of my campfire. My friends and I’s thing to gather around, our thing to bring us together. Looking back on my life I can easily point out those things growing up. I think it started with big wheels. From there comics, video games, RPGs, and Magic The Gathering. Then in the end of middle school and in high school it became music, and playing in a band. Heck I can recall many times that we would gather at our friend’s house to practice and ended up just hanging out in the backyard on a dilapidated couch that resided there.

Growing Up?

Fairytale endings. Movie moments. Perfectly timed music swells. I constantly want these things in my life. Is it foolish? Sometimes it seems so futile it is practically damaging and the more I look for them the less likely it seems possible. I don’t know what you call it, maybe just a simple regular life but