Edison The Chargebot

So I saw this build by Esty artist Jordan Waters and was inspired.
It took about three nights and a small learning curve/refresher in some very basic electronics but I managed to design and build this little guy who I’ve decided to name Edison. He is functional and has 2 USB charging ports as well as a standard 120 volt outlet. His head is an LED lightbulb that lights up when the switch is flipped.

In general this was fun to build but I also like it because it’s a kind of functional art which has always been a bit of a passion of mine since a friend who is an amazing artist in the medium of wood carving explained it to me when he was at ASU.

Because several people have asked, I don’t really have an interest in making this same build or selling them (unless the price was right) but what I will gladly provide here is a parts list for Edison. You will more than likely find the majority of these items at your local hardware store far cheaper. Two items that do not appear on that list that I used are an extension cord I cannibalized for all the wiring inside and the power cable as well as a clamp piece used to attach his head to the body that I had lying around from an old clamp light. I know for a fact this could be built better and certainly different for different needs, I actually would be very excited to see any new versions people come up with :)