From: The Firearms Blog

Rade Tecnologías SL of Madrid, Spain, has announced the opening of a subsidiary facility in the U.S. to launch its first entry into the handgun accessory market with two unique SpeedShot (TM) ammunition counting training systems designed to improve human reflexive speed-to-magazine replacement… More

Does anyone else remember this from Aliens? My most favorite movie of all time. Cool idea though, I wonder if they could make something like this for 24 packs of Diet Coke or toilet paper.

From: Nerd Approved

DeviantArt user Joker-laugh created this fantastic custom Aliens Vs. Predator chess set. There doesn’t seem to be any details, but thankfully a number of photos have been posted online – two of which you can check out after the break. More

This is really well done, dibs on Aliens! I wonder which side is white and which is black.