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Via: The Sartorialist

I’ve always really enjoyed The Sartorialist and his method of taking pictures of people he thinks look cool pretty much regardless of labels (both inside and outside of the clothing). My only gripe is he doesn’t get to the west coast very often and I’m curious what his take on LA people’s style would be.

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Via: Retro Thing

Tim Putz writes, “From 1960 to 1970, I photographed the first 100 Sambo’s in the country. Today, only the first is still in operation here in Santa Barbara. At one time there were about 1200 locations from coast to coast.”

These beautiful images make me long for a time machine so I can slip into the past for a short stack of pancakes with friendly people who wouldn’t dream of wearing sweat pants in public.

A lot of interior design today, guess that’s just where my head is today

From The Archives: Jäger Cocktails

Via: The Bachelor Guy

    Widow Maker
    1 part Jägermeister
    1 part vodka
    1 part coffee liqueur
    2 drops of grenadine
    Combine and shake all ingredients over ice. Strain into cocktail glass.

    Bed of Roses
    1 1/2 parts Jägermeister
    2 parts lemon juice
    1 part grenadine syrup 1/2 part lime juice
    Combine and shake all ingredients over ice. Strain into highball glass. Add a slice of line and cherry to garnish.

    Golden Rasperry
    1 part Jägermeister
    1/2 part vodka
    1 part tequila
    1/2 part raspberry juice
    1/2 part grenadine
    Combine and shake all ingredients over ice. Strain into cocktail glass.

    1 1/2 parts Jägermeister
    1 part vermouth extra dry
    Dash of angostura bitters
    Combine all ingredients with ice in a tumbler and stir. Strain into cocktail glass. Add cherry to garnish.

If there is something you’ll learn about me quickly is I’m one of those people that really likes Jägermeister. Shots, bombs, mixed, you name it. I haven’t tried these yet but I suppose if I wanted to class up Jäger this would be the way. Plus with names like “The Widowmaker” how can you go wrong? Happy Friday!

From The Archives: Sixty Symbols

Another gem from 2009. Sixty Symbols explains some of the more common symbols in physics and astronomy. If you’re anything like me you’ll love these videos and easy to understand explanations, but will rarely be able to apply them. Such is life.

From The Archives

So I’ve been reading blogs and whatnot with Google Reader since 2009, starring posts I thought were interesting for whatever reason honestly some of which I have no idea why. But I thought since I’m getting this blog on it’s feet I’d share some of those old favorites. Starting with this piece from June 29, 2009. During a period when I became obsessed with neck ties and how to tie them. Unfortunately for me being super tall, this kind of knot is nearly impossible even with an extra long tie.

Maybe one of these days I’ll actually try it out with a vest or something.