B.E.D. 8

Ha! Almost didn’t make it, but I did!

A recent telling of my tale in both an online setting as well as a physical one (thanks to a party my company threw) make me think of this but I thought I’d say it outright myself.

I once had a conversation with a major motion picture film writer in my studio about this but this is what he say. When asked by a aspiring screenplay writer, “how do I become as successful as you,” he replied, “luck into it.” His story is of one where he maybe in passing that he truly just got lucky. One of those right place right time sort of situations. They had a screenplay that needed help, and he had a lot of fantastic ideas when they were looking. To a degree I equate myself in this instance. There was a moment in my career that they needed someone to fill a roll and I volunteered my expertise and they accepted. it happened and it is more or less how I ended up in the job (which I adore and would likely not give up if I had the choice) I have today. But I suppose the real question is how much of it was really luck?
In the writer’s circumstance they happened to be writing a screenplay based on a cannon that he was not only familiar with, but passionate about. It started as few ideas on how to make scenes work, but evolved into having the sole writing credit on a film that I would bet almost all of you have seen.
In my circumstance I had worked tirelessly to make sure everyone knew my name and the I knew there’s as well as what was necessary for what was going on. Again they were looking, and I was around. Chance? maybe. But as much as I will always say I was lucky, I worked hard to make sure my luck was in good form when my opportunity came around.

B.E.D. 7

I would just like to point out I have apparently made it a week of blogging every day.

I have been looking at and saving this picture on my reader for a few weeks now. I couldn’t really tell you why, I just wanted to keep seeing it. I made a story up in my head that this was some hard working gentleman enjoying a break or an evening after a day of toil and that visiting this fish market/restaurant was his almost tradition or habit. He sits and pretends to contemplate the rest of the worlds woes and he knocks back a few drinks taking the edge off the day. Couldn’t tell you though. I like the colors in it, and the lantern in the foreground. I think if I had the option I would probably light an entire room with paper-style lanterns, they give off a great soft light as opposed to harsh bulbs.
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Sound Guy Win B.E.D. 6

Apparently a bunch of my friends thought of me when they saw this, which is just awesome because it is so true. We have often thought our studio would be a perfect place to brutally murder someone because of this reason as well, and we’re all a bit curious why Castle hasn’t done this episode yet.
About a year ago now I want to say I got rid of TV in my apartment. Well, not TV per se, but my satellite package, and haven’t completely regretted it yet. There are of course show I miss being up to date on but mostly because of spoilers. Mythbusters is a big one, and definitely a show I can consistently watch over and over and over. It’s funny because even after I know what happens still fun to watch for me.
I’ve luckily been able to keep up with Game of Thrones thanks to someone’s DVR system and if you haven;t been watching I highly recommend it. The first season was legitimately eye opening and shocking in the best surprising ways, although I could see how the rare person could just not get into it for it’s HBOisms.
Summer has officially reared it’s ugly head in my opinion, and so yet another seasonal battle begins. I may have a secret weapon this year though. Maybe it’s funny because I grew up in a desert that I loathe the sun and heat so much but it would be the truth. Then again air conditioning is also something not nearly as common here as it is there, at least not central air. Isn’t funny how certain jokes in old TV shows make so much more sense when you live in the place they tend to represent? LA Story is a big one. If you live in LA for a year and then watch LA story you will laugh so hard, and not just because Steve Martin is hilarious.

It has been said… B.E.D. 4

It has been said that you cannot listen to Coldplay music without feeling a little bummed out. Or maybe it was that Coldplay will sound better if you’re a little depressed. And while I can attest to both statements accurately it has never been more true after seeing this video:

I’m not sure I can say I was biggest fan of the Beastie Boys, I started listening to their music in high school and there are a handful of their songs that I will always know and sing every lyric if I hear them. MCA like the other Beastie Boys only became more interesting as you learned more about him and being inundated with info lately has only proved that point.
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Friendships B.E.D. 3

I’ve come to think of friendships and how they come to be as being similar to how parents tell their kids about where babies come from, but in this instance the idea of a storks involvement seems more accurate. My friends seem to come from all sorts of manner from siblings of acquaintances to truly twisted chance encounters that seem like every little piece had to be in place for it to happen. I suppose life is funny like that. Bur I have to say one of the most awkward feelings friend or not has to be sitting across a table from someone and having nothing to say. The stare, the mad dash to try find a new topic of conversation, the worst. Insult to injury when it is an old friend on top of that. I guess some of these encounters just have an undefined lifespan. I look back on some of the celebrities I’ve been lucky to meet here in Hollywood and how I think to myself on occasion how cool it would be to befriend some of them. They’re almost always good for a conversation but it tends to end after that. I can’t blame them, after all I’m sure they meet thousands of people more a year than most people and that alone must make it difficult to keep people and things straight.
Still need to see the Avengers, however I doubt many people will be up for going tonight as it is Cinco De Mayo, which I actually found out via NPR is a California created holiday. Still one that derives from a Chicano culture, but Californian none the less. It is probably just me but I have never felt the need to celebrate holidays just because they’re occur. I’m definitely more for celebrating good days when they come. I will admit certain airs around holidays like Christmas and Halloween that I do very much enjoy, but I can’t really think of a holiday the I outright ever feel like celebrating.
Anywho, B.E.D. complete.

Dating ones and zeroes. B.E.D. 2

Filling out online dating profiles these days has to be one of the most frustrating things in the world to some people. The online culture tends to be one of what you don’t see you don’t get to judge in my opinion, and anonymity tends to be the adviser to even the most charismatic of… daters? I’m curious how many people withhold or even lie about themselves simply in hopes of a response. I get it, but I wonder. Perhaps they shade themselves in the idea of being able to reveal their true selves once actual physical meetings have been arranged or maybe at the eMail stage.

I just watched the trailer for Expendables 2:

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Habits? B.E.D.1

As far as I can remember there isn’t one thing I can think of that I’ve done everyday for any particular length of time since school. Outside of school the only thing that comes to mind was the summer I tried Starbucks caramel Frapacinos, or rather my friend made me try hers which then ensued waking up at 10am nearly everyday calling her up and driving to our local Starbucks on Thunderbird and Tatum and indulging on grade caramel Frapacinos. Although not much else occured that summer I still recall it as on of my favorite from high school years. But I digress. Where was I? Right. Since school ending I cannot really recall a single thing I have done everyday. Work I suppose, but it changes fairly frequently and from project to project, but anywho. I guess the point I’m really trying to make is that I’m going to attempt writing here in this blog nigh everyday. To make a habit of it I suppose. And although perhaps preemptive on my own accord I even bought a blinky new keyboard for the occasion. Gaze upon it’s awesome!

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