Cat Is Made Of Cat Food

Saw this driving in today and decided to grab a snap of it. It’s about eight feet tall and mostly made of stacked cat food tins, I honestly couldn’t tell you which brand (perhaps a flaw in their efforts). I say mostly made because between every layer of cans is a flat rigid platform piece, making this feat exponentially easier than it looks. I don’t know if anyone else went through a “stacking” phase in their childhood but I certainly did, when I couldn’t sit at any restaurant table without needing to stack the creamer mini-cups in all manner of shapes, then continuing to incorporate the sugar packets and finally the salt and pepper shakers. A true coup d’├ętat given their typically rounded shape and comparison weight to the other food additive construction materials. Regardless, I bring it up because if anyone has tried to stack cans you quickly notice the rounded edge bottoms as well as the millimeter thick lip on the tops making your stacking surface significantly less that most likely predetermined.
Is an eight foot cat made of tins of cat food anything to guffaw at? Well, it caught my eye, it’s just less impressive in it’s current state and probably took a little over an hour to make as opposed to the four or five I could see it taking if the platform pieces were dis-guarded. Here is is at another angle although a decidedly less hipster shot.