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The collective group of timepiece innovators and artisans at MB&F have created a new way to showcase their yearly masterpieces alongside some of the world’s most equally elaborate pieces of kinetic art in Geneva’s recently opened M.A.D. Gallery (M.A.D. stands for Mechanical Art Devices). Although each piece is for sale, they have styled the space as more of a gallery than a boutique, displaying items on pedestals and against stark walls. More

This is incredible.

Of Lamps, Lighting and Luminescence

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I love lighting and even started making my own lamps as a hobby until an hour long discussion with my design graduate friend Gregor about functional art and design. I gave it up also from just not not being terribly good at getting the design I wanted.
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From: Design Sponge (and a commentary)

I’m trying to hold off on any new home purchases until I finish a thorough spring cleaning, but that hasn’t stopped me from peeking around and seeing what’s new this season. As our devices become increasingly integrated into our home activities — cooking, working, enjoying movies and music — it’s not surprising to see the same materials and styles popping up in both home and tech design. I had a lot of fun rounding up a few of those winter trends this week over at MyLifeScoop. If you’re looking for new goodies to cozy up your home this winter, or for a bit of design inspiration, you can click here for the full post. Enjoy! — Kate More

If Hipster is a style then I feel I can coexist with it, it is the preconceived mentality that can come with the style that I can not. The simple idea of putting ironic pieces of clothing or items together certainly cannot be attributed to Hipsters, that has been going on for years especially in style and design. However I have to admit it’s gotten to a point where certain pieces feel like they can make a room feel like you stole the idea from a family restaurant.