Music Conundrum

Sometimes I hear a song and it pushed my emotions so strongly that I want to send it to a person that I feel could use the same tug on the same heart strings. But I’ve learned that rarely does sending what probably appears to be a random Mp3 to someone with no explanation have the desired effect, so I feel like now I should include a note. However something as blunt as, “this song made me feel like things are going to be okay in life and that things get better,” seems, well blunt. It doesn’t leave any personal interpretation for the person to feel their own emotions towards the song it tells them what to feel which seems like it defeats the purpose.
Gradually over the last few years (and a nice conversation with my foreign friend) I’ve learned that I have been and need to stop projecting myself onto people I know and meet, even with the nicest intentions of doing so. People don’t think the same as I do or react to things the same way (tbh: I feel sometimes it’s their loss and they’re missing out on a lot of fun and excitement in life). Really the lesson to be learned was to not expect it as to then not be disappointed by the reality later. This really would have been helpful to have had this epiphany a few short lived and one long drawn out relationship ago. I kept looking at them wondering why they were happy or upset with ho things were going, even after trying to explain my point of view it didn’t seem to resonate. Ah well, I stand by that I believe people try to make things far more complicated than necessary, but understanding that they do this is important too I guess.


I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of free reed intruments like accordions but especially their smaller counterparts concertinas. To me they are instruments that have the ability to convey a lot of different emotions in the most powerful and interesting ways second only to perhaps pipe organs (pianos are great for this as well but lack the ability to hit the earth rumbling bass tones). I’ve wanted a concertina for quite a long time but they are not surprisingly expensive and somewhat fragile as far as keeping them in tune. The smaller concertinas always seemed to be the best portable instrument to me and are certainly easier to carry around than a guitar. When played well I don’t think even some of the most discerning ears can turn away without a audible interest, even if just for a moment.


So I finally managed to find the time to put this together. A music playlist/broadcast/whatever. Just music I like really so I hope you enjoy. The Soundcloud will be available for a week but I will leave the track list up indefinitely. Thank you for listening! I promise to be more awake on the next one! Sorry for the semi-low quality, I only have so much space.

SunnyheadcaseHeadspaceEp1 by sunyheadcase-headspace


    Lina Magic – 3D Friends
    Mommy’s Little Monster – Social Distortion
    What A Complex – The Aggrolites
    The Main Theme Final Fantasy VII – Shiro Hamaguchi & Seiji Honda
    Rest My Chemistry – Interpol
    Could Be Anything – Eames Era
    Bang! – Les Butcherettes
    Off The Record – My Morning Jacket
    Intro – The Xx
    Box – Tokyo Police Club
    2Wicky – Hooverphonic
    Cold Hands – Lucky Ghost
    Habibi – Balqis
    Plastic Beach – Gorillaz
    There’s a Reason – AA Bondy
    Blue Monday – Nouvelle Vague
    One More Corner (White Stripes & Common) – Adrian Champion
    Second Skin Theme – David Gregory Byrne
    Hey Thanks – The Wonder Years