Comicaze 2012 photo gallery


Ok, I think this is going to be it for the Comikaze gallery. Great times were had and I especially wanted to thank all the PAX crew that showed up, Cobra 3rd Night Watch, Nathan, Mae, and Kit and everyone else that said hi at the con. It may have been small but it was full of a good time. Thus ends the convention season of 2012. I have high hopes for next year.

PAX Prime 2012 Highlights (Right place, wrong lens)


PAX Prime 2012 was AMAZING and I’m finally getting to posting these photos from it. For the most part I’m happy with them but quickly discovered that even a 50mm lens is not quite wide enough to get those full body shots very easily in a convention setting. You live you learn I guess, but here are some highlights I finally got around to editing and posting. I’m using Lightroom for the first time with these which has raised a new and undesirable learning curve so for the most part just some light curve and balance correction on these, nothing too fancy. I’m not sure if I’ll get to posting the other 356 images from PAX (especially with Comikaze this weekend) but for the mean time enjoy…