Comicaze 2012 photo gallery


Ok, I think this is going to be it for the Comikaze gallery. Great times were had and I especially wanted to thank all the PAX crew that showed up, Cobra 3rd Night Watch, Nathan, Mae, and Kit and everyone else that said hi at the con. It may have been small but it was full of a good time. Thus ends the convention season of 2012. I have high hopes for next year.

A funny thing happened…

Found @ Post Secret

A funny thing happened when I decided to pick up an SLR for the first time. No one helped me learn any of the basics. I still don’t know a ton of stuff and 90% of the parts I do know I learned from websites and YouTube. But this is actually the biggest fear I have whenever anyone asks my advice, on anything really. If it comes to something creative and not technical, or a non-life threatening hobby as opposed to something work related my advice stands pretty much the same across all fields, “just go do it.” 9 times out of 10 experience will pay off more than equipment or following a step by step process. I’ll gladly have suggestions but I’ll never tell you something is bad, just perhaps not something I understand. Just don’t be afraid to make mistakes for a while. This post secret postcard is actually one of my biggest fears.

“I Can’t Hear You”

Just fooling around with a new flash setup, trying to get some practice in before PAX, however the results are pretty far from perfect (insert paragraph of self criticism). Fingers crossed that I can come back with some epic pictures. I also wanted to try and do touchups via pixlr which unfortunately does not allow you to edit RAW images, so I went with a large jpeg. These are the probably over compressed results, but anywho.

Impromptu model: The Vulcan and the Unicorn

Sydney’s Birthday Night

Sydney (Futurespeak) had her birthday this last week and I had just purchased a new lens for my camera, so one thing led to another and here are then less than perfectly edited results…

Also in these pictures TheVulcanAndTheUnicorn, Wanderlurking, @Kristayyyyy, @CaseyBakestar, @justeneyweenie